Welcome to our new trilobite specimen bowl page!

These are another new item for us this year. They're a pretty clever way to display 5 or 6 different trilobite specimens in a bowl-like display. I'm not sure of the identity of each variety, so I'll let you look them up on your own. This is not a natural setting. They have been "placed" into their positions. For expanded view, size description; and secure order cart, simply click the photo of your item of interest. Thank you for taking the time to view these items.


tribowl-1.jpg (678047 bytes)

tribowl-2.jpg (707252 bytes)

tribowl-3.jpg (693733 bytes)

tribowl-4.jpg (669125 bytes)

tribowl-5.jpg (802922 bytes)

tribowl-6.jpg (781543 bytes)

tribowl-7.jpg (823005 bytes)

tribowl-8.jpg (727338 bytes)

tribowl-9.jpg (698344 bytes)



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